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We Do

We are a trading firm, with a difference.

We believe that every job, even those in the financial markets, need to add social value to be profitable in the long run. We believe the two are inextricably linked.

We follow that through in our global markets trading and other business ventures. We believe this is a large part of the reason that we have been and will be successful going forward.

Our long term vision is to take this into backing forward-thinking,  society-enhancing, sustainable, development projects, that also turn a profit for us.

Projects that empower and enable local people to create growth and progress in their own societies.

This long term vision is what excites us and drives us on every day at Boba.

We hope it will drive you on too.

Our Core Values

We believe in 80/20, the pursuit non-perfectionism: We ensure we are always focused on the most impactful drivers and results and continually evaluate what provides the most value over time.

Adapt & Evolve: We are agile and growth oriented. We won’t get everything right first time, but we are open-minded to learning from mistakes and failures.

Best Ideas Rise To The Top: We champion the best ideas, not our own ideas.

Care Personally: We care about each other at a personal level as well as ourselves.

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Entry Level Positions:

Software Engineer
Trading Risk Analyst

If you share our values and want to make a difference by joining our growing team, please do send us a speculative CV and cover letter. This must tell us more about you as a person and how or where we can benefit from your experience.
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